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How To Prevent Neck & Back Pain

February 20, 2011

If you’ve ever suffered from back or neck pain, you know that they can be incredibly detrimental to your day-to-day life. Often times severe pain in these areas stem from a serious injury or condition and require a visit to your doctor, but if your pain is mild or moderate, you can take preventative measures to keep it from getting worse. In fact, many instances of moderate back and neck pain can be corrected by simply making slight adjustments to your daily habits.

One major source of pain for many adults is improper posture. The image above displays an individual slouching in a computer chair, which reverses the natural curves of the spine. Over an extended period of time, poor posture – while sitting, standing, and even sleeping – can cause damage to spinal tissues that may require surgery or alternative pain management treatments.

To protect your back while sitting, doctors recommend adjusting your chair height and position so that you are near your work surface in order to reduce the need to lean forward.  Individuals who spend extended periods working at a desk should also keep their feet on the floor or supported with a footrest in order to reduce seated pressure.

Sleeping in an improper position is another common source of back & neck pain. To protect your back while sleeping, we recommend that you choose a pillow and a mattress that are supportive but not overly firm in order to keep your back and neck in a comfortable, neutral position.

These are just a few tips that will help you manage your back health and avoid debilitating back pain. For more tips or information on pain management feel free to contact us at (678) 223 – 3900 or contact us online  Chiropractor Atlanta

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